Monday, June 28, 2004

Summer 2004: Something like a progress report.

Oh well, the sun as with everyother summer seems hotter than the summer before and somehow at its hottest. In Kingston or more precisely in St. Andrew (although even though technically St. Andrew is rural and not Kingston everyone in both areas see it that way, they think they are more urban the entire Island so I call them the Twin Island Republic of Kingston and St. Andrew, seperate from Jamaica)the sky is hazey, the lawns are parched and range from hues and shades, usually a pale green to khaki. I've had a great fill of common mango, to the point where they now litter this campus, everywhere are yellow dots on the khaki carpets that used to be lawns. If one is bold enough to venture into the more commercial areas of the Liguanea(Li Gwan Ia) plain, its a hot bustling cauldron of hustling newspaper sellers, taximen and beggars. At nite on Preston Hall at the campus... August town never ceases to amaze me with there perpetual feting and parties... they play nites and nites without end. The music is good though, the only place yuh can catch a good few Dennis Browns, Jacob Millers and vintage Sizzla. The nite skyline towards the Blue Mountain side on occasion will have a forest or bush fire... the phenomenon once known as the lyme seems to have diminished on teh campus and is but a rare occasion. Beasts(caucasians) litter the place, doing god knows what.

Hmmm and that seems to be my summer thus far.

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