Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here comes the rain again...

Documenting Ivan, Dennis and the hurricane season...

First here are some of my Parri dem blog, weh pertain to the hurricane: Spliffie Blog and Nneka's Blog.

Well what can I say my faithful readers one and all... Dennis was no menace and paled in comparison to Ivan the terrible... Since Ivan passed ten months ago,I have been meaning to put up my Ivan pics but never got around to it but now that we are in the busy hurricane season and seeing Dennis just passed I'll post them now... And it seems that this hurricane season pelting out these beasts of nature, one-a-week, I just saw some mention of another one named Emily last night on the news... This is insane, "MI CYAAAAAAN MANAGE NUH MORE POWA CUT" screwface
Anyway stinking JPS cutting the power before hurricane season, so fiyah bun dem... So here are the pics as promised... "YAHNYK'S HURRICANE IVAN EXTRAVAGANZA"

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