Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bulla Tun Bully: The Bad-man-ification of Homosexuality and The Dawn of Heterophobia

Is it just me... but I have thought for along time now that there is an agenda apparently to evangelize homosexuality, the movement towards morbid asexuality or heterophobia... and the new bullyism by gays where they make it seem like one has no right to decent or dissent and no right to say or express his or her belief that homosexuality is not right or that you don't approve of it... I am not saying anyone should light anybody at the stake or go about making hate crimes or speech... But I have to ask "Is freedom of speech being impeached?" Can anyone disagree with homosexuality without it being politically incorrect? Why are homosexuals so sensitive to any form of criticism? Is homosexuality above and beyond criticism?

Huffingtonpost and Global Voices for all their citizen journalism, all the moral high ground, all the insightful commentary, they never examined once the tyranny of terror that was Bebe and Jasper and how they were the origins of scamming in Montego Bay... a pair of maniacal cross dressing gun wielding homosexual scammers, parading with "straps" and thongs from Fairview's Texaco to KFC downtown to Baywest to Pier 1. How they rooted themselves in Granville is fairly common knowledge in the city. But the darker sides of scamming money and murders, poverty and gay pedophilia in Jamaica are swept under the rug for this untruthful campaign against Jamaica and what is perceived as its attitude to homosexuality. NO ONE investigated the serious link with homosexuality and scamming.

I would also like people to stop comparing BLACK and civil rights to gay rights, I think it is also a poor analogy (anal-ogy) and beyond that analogy  is the weakest form of argument as no two situations are parallel or exactly alike ... as a black man, I simply find it an offense and it simply is not the same thing... and why is every gay poster guy black or some house cleaning O.C.D. Chinese/Ethnic minority guy??? And what is this movement to shut up dialogue about sex, sexuality especially if it isn't profoundly and "enlightening-ly" pro-gay...

Why is that so many are unwilling to accept the truth or speak to the darker realities of homosexuality? The promiscuity poverty and exploitation that was possibly apart of his life... he was living in a house filled with homosexuals partying and dancing... go view his YouTube channel... let us examine sexual health hygiene... how homosexuals are not GAY for gay denotes HAPPY... and gayness carries with it the implied niceness that gays are rich happy wealthy wine sipping cheese biting limp wrist-ed glamorous folks. But most homosexuals live with some level of alienation and isolation, for they probably the product of SAD realities growing up in garrison... without a solid father figure... poor, feeling insecure different and awkward absorbing all the female dance-hall energy around him and the open sexuality and sex energy that is easily and readily available in peep hole filled zinc fence close quarters communities, which shanty town and garrison "livity" and lifestyles carry with it, they probably grew up in the malnourished spiritually and mentally, if not just physically, and mutated by ill informed messages and wrong signals, by secret perverts hiding in garrisons... rich men passing in Benz(es) and Beamers, by old men, the screwy quirky cousin... and many of the monsters that come with urban life and urban poverty in the human metropolitan condition...

The community member who creeps into the yard and puts his penis into a little boys mouth at age 12... and after sometime he acquires a liking for the attention it gets him from this male of the adult world... he forms ill informed notions of psycho-sexual relations.

No one wants to look that deep at all these ills the sad places, both internally and externally, the mal formed social relations that births homosexuals... the sad realities that mutate them..

To oppose the homosexual lobby is to be unpopular and court the life of a pariah.

I am pro-tolerance and never promote harm to humanity, but I disapprove of homosexuality and feel a sincere attempt to shut up, lock off, label, libel and slander any intelligent opinion that does not agree with homosexuality as antiquated, draconian, non-progressive or not with the progressive liberal agenda... dunce... outdated and overly or unnecessarily militant. Is there a polite way to just say no to homosexuality! Once you show any dissent on homosexuality you are branded ’homophobic.’ While these accusation do not fill me with indignation, I know they are an inaccurate description of what I do, who I am, or how I think. This sudden groundswell of Anti-heterosexuality, Anti-hetero-pathy, Heterophobia, Anti-hetero-philia... would seem as if they are in the process of being consecrated into an ideology. If your straight shut up. Our have no right to free speech straight people... shut up... u can have no legitimate grouse against homosexuals! The terms “homophobic” and "homophobia" are usually used by the Gay Activists and Lobby Group to discredit and inaccurately define its critics. Once someone is branded homophobic, the chances are that he or she will be judged before they are heard, and the argument will be lost in the welter of bruised gay pride and ego.>>> But what do the terms “homophobic” and "homophobia" mean? Do they mean you are anti-music or Elton John or Luther Vandross? Or that you’re opposed to freedom of choice? That you don’t delight in listening to Diana King (whom I love dearly, I listen to her version of "Say a Little Prayer" ritually) or Freddie Mercury (everyone in Jamaica sings "Another one bites the dust)? That you have a quarrel with Shebada? Does it mean that you don’t admire the positive work of hundreds of thousands of possibly and notably gay persons who have contributed positively to the advance of humanity? Does it mean that you hate gay people? Truth be told it does not. One can disapprove of smoking and not hate the smoker, one can disapprove of homosexuality and not hate a homosexual and not be homophobic.

It is without adoubt a conflation to try and say that every time someone disapproves of homosexuality or every act or event that went unfavorably for the homosexual community was or is based in homophobia. It is not just a conflation but borders on intellectual dishonesty. It is also most crucially a failure of the imagination. An inability to see the world in terms other than those the group mind, the institutionalized Gay Lobby, international establishment has set out. If you’re not homosexual you’re a homophobic. If you don’t love us, you hate us. If you’re not Good, you’re Evil. If you’re not with us, you’re against us.

I say right now, bun GAY BULLYISM and GAY badness that acts as if, straight people must not say anything! BUN a Bully in General... funny though that "Bulla tun Bully: The Badmanification of Homosexuality and Dawn of Heterophobia"


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. My god, you're such a stupid bigot. I'm not heterophobic, I just hate stupid people. And you, are a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

You Anonymous 1, are a coward! This man is speaking truth to the Powerful Gay Lobby. Nasty. He has the courage to state his position openly.

All of us are cowering before the gay people...who are rewriting history so that every important man was Gay!

I also will be Anonymous, because I fear retribution from the Gay people who will seek me out, set me up and crucify me, like Buju.