Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Something to think about


Venezuelan demonstrators place a rope to topple a Christopher Columbus statue in Caracas, October 12, 2004. Demonstrators protested during Columbus Day, a date which Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has christened as the 'Day of Indian Resistance' to commemorate the Indian people who fought the Spanish colonizers after the discovery of the continent by Christopher Columbus. REUTERS/Jorge Silva REUTERS

While some time ago in JAMAICA

CRISTOBAL COLON de Carvajal, Duke of Veragua, who is the 20th direct descendant of Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus, was honoured yesterday by the St. Catherine Parish Council.

This my friends troubles me, Indians in no way shape or form suffered as much and as long as we did in "Slavery" yet they are conscious and cognizant enough to realize that endorsing Columbus is rubbish, but us on the other hand...

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Well this is some very insightful stuff here Yannick. I always seem to learn alot from your postings star! Keep it up.--- ASPG