Monday, October 11, 2004

Yannick's Quotes- Edition: #1

This little segment features quotes on Yannick or made by Yannick...

"Professional Pseudo Dread and Browning-Lova. :o) I always thought of Yannick as my big brother- til mi realise he did want to make it an incestuous r/ship. "mi did ah LUST afta yu batty!" - oh, i shall remember that line! Ok, so it's not about me (for once) it's about Yannick. He is a hell of a raconteur (gwan look it up!) In other words- him can chat! So many memories of UWI just liming listening to Yannick chat de must fascinating set of shit. Particular memory- one night Yannick scare me and Leslie SHITLESS wid one set of duppy stories bout Preston Hall. Afterwards, me and Leslie swear we NA sleep on we own that night a so we did fraid. I remember in my first year I thought of him as "Dax's brother" but by de end of de time, he was mi bredren Yannick."
--by Amanda Lynch-Foster
-- I both hate and love this quote about me... Gee and to think I liked Amanda...

"I'm the next best thing since Jesus Christ"
-- by Yannick Pessoa

"You are Belicose and Beligerent"
-- by Juilette Pessoa (my very own mother, I was so hurt)

"Many are called, few are chosen, we are the unchosen"
-- by Yannick Pessoa


Anonymous said...

hmmm... so why'd you love my (very astute!) quote bout u and why'd you hate it? (well that part's obvious)

And gwan like... u know u still like me! (ingratiating, smug smile of the completely self-confident narcissist)


Anonymous said...

So, why would a mother tell her son he is bellecose and belligerent? Surely not for the alliterative effect but beause he was being b&b.