Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Body found at UWI
published: Sunday | June 26, 2005

A badly-decomposed male body was discovered by police at the University of the West Indies yesterday afternoon.

The police report that it was residents in the area who reported a foul smell coming from the vicinity of the institution and upon investigation, the body was found behind Preston Hall on the campus of the university. Police described the body as 95 per cent decomposed and bound with duct tape around the neck. Preliminary investigations do not indicate that the body is likely to be that of a student. The police say they have no record of a missing person from the university. An immediate burial of the body was ordered.

read actual article at the GLEANER

hmmm look like Preston a morgue or burial ground... I remember when they found a body there i my first year half a decade ago in 2000.

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