Thursday, June 02, 2005


MTV to launch Caribbean music network
CARIBBEAN MUSIC MAY be about to get another big break on the international scene, as Tempo, a new cable television network dedicated to Caribbean music and culture, will be launched by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc.
taken from THE STAR(Jamaica Local Tabloid)

Here ladies and gentlemen is another example of Caribbean insecurity, the Caribbean rejoices while another multinational whores us out. We need North American initiatives for us to believe or pursuits are warranted and relevant. I was quite fine with REtv, HypeTV, Music+, but noooooo we had to add this, I long for the day when a Caribbean initiative makes it on its own, why couldn't we "boots up"(boost) our own local stations instead of now possibly casting them into oblivion. My prayers to all local Tv I hope they can stave off the foreigners...


GL said...

so my questions are:

will artists who bun battyman get airtime?

will it be dancehall/reggae, or a whole bunch of reggaeton?

Yahnyk said...

I wonder how the music will be screened and vetted(if thats the term) myself, I mean this leaves so much of our content and who we are and how we are perceived to be determined by someone other than ourselves and mi nuh really check fi dat still but who knows...