Thursday, November 10, 2005


Life in Paradise... the seasons change, the shift from summer to Christ's Mas is evident in the air. The days aren't as hot and are actually even glazed in a languid, even sexy sun light... the air is different, the smell redolescent, this is the air of x-mas' I've known before, probably some atmospheric shift owed the North East trade winds. Everywhere is the scent of fresh paint and drying concrete... in fine Caribbean tradition, like some strange clock work, everyone is tending to their house a spring cleaning and sprucing up of sorts. Oddly enough as seasons change, the Seasons riddim is riding the airwaves just the same... and in some near distances I am sure I am hearing "Far from Reality" Natural Black's big single on said riddim.

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Anonymous said...

Look at my angel :) I love the pictures Yannick, you managed to capture so much beauty in your photos.