Saturday, July 22, 2006

Can Jamaicans Act?

Hmmm the question of the week is "Can Jamaicans Act?" a very pertinent question seeing that Jamaicans get a lot of media hype yet, when it is time for Hollywood and the glitz and glam... aaaaah it seems we just don't make the cut...

you doubt me I know... but Yannick is not insane and not on another incessant and inane rant... just check the levels fi a second... look at Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and now rumours are flying that they will be making a Bob Marley movie with Jamie Foxx... (insert x-amout of expletives here)

Now I woulda like know if no Jamaican couldn't act as Bob, yuh waan tell me seh, no Jamaican can act, not even 1 him yute dem... JAH is a (expletive here) sin. Now we will all as a nation be treated to faux Jamaican accents, and gratuitous and stupid cliche, while our country and icon reach for the heights of whore out...

and for Pirates, I love how Jamaica, is neglected once again when dem use Naomie Harris a brit... to do our part, granted her mother may be Jamaican, but I am beginning to feel Jamaica is being slighted... is it just me

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