Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Neologist & Raconteur

Welcome to my newest plan... as Caribbean Dictator hopeful I have come to the decision that to control and impact people's thinking I will need to take control of the vector of thought and that would be language, as such I am going to build a grand "wiki" like wikipedia... but with Jamaican and Caribbean thoughts ideas and jargon... Lexica Caribbana... Lexica Patois... hmmm any suggestions as to good name for my new Caribbean Dictionary and Encyclopedia.


Mad Bull said...


Unknown said...

I've got nothing. If you want to be a Caribbean dictator, you have to unite the Caribbean under one body. Oh wait, that's already here. It's called Caricom.

Anonymous said...

Yann I like the lexica caribbana thing...sounds nice. Im so proud of you though...I love how u are so eclectic and innovative... Khafi