Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of Pearls & Swine in the Summer of Swine Flu

Why am I cursed so so...
So all the time,
So so so confined,
Condemned to cast cast...
Cast pearls at swine,
In a capitalist muddle,
To mingle, mix and meddle,
Damned, damned...
Damned to peddle,
My wares and what's mind,
My wares and all that's mine,
In a world of material commodity,
An intellect has and is no property,
Only to be mangled by an ancient monopoly(theist).

Now I am no sissy,
And I don't like to make a fuss,
But goddamit I feel like Sisyphus,
Up the hill with all I can muster,
Lacking shine... lacking... luster...rrrgh

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