Thursday, May 20, 2004

Final Musings on The "Ever" Grand Cayman

Well lets see on final days of travel... Cayman proved a little just a little better. Hmmm I walked around Gun Bay and East End and hmm Rum Point I think it is... Oh well, yah Gun Bay is a small coastal settlement... filled with lots and lots of Caucasians, who ride around in convertables etc... not my scene, while there I stopped off at a heritage stop... aaah Shipwreck of ten or something like that, I know I'm not doing justice to the place eh... it was a scenic enough spot but the sea there was scary... it was deep dark and solemn yup, as compared to the beaches in JA, which for the most part always seem full of wonder, adventure, amazement, etc... yup the sea there also struck me as unforgiving. Oh well let me stop personifying the sea eh... Later down I end up back at mi amigo Donovan's church stint and there I stumbled upon.... drum roll a chatty trini woman (I swear Trinidadians are the most talkative people on the face of this planet) hmmmm well at least she was pretty (she was a dark Indian, taller than I, aaah fat and pleasant eh!!!) aaah of course when I met her she was in the middle of sermon, where she was lamenting the greatness of Trini women, after which someone informed her that me mister mister had a trini woman... after which she says, "once yuh go trini yuh cyan go back eh!!! Just ask ma husban, just ask he." We chatted alittle after about Arouca and the name Ganess yadda yadda yadda... Next up, our weary(more like bored) traveller finds himself in the lovely seaside town(no intended sarcasm) of East End... now even though Cayman is not my speed, I could see myself there if forced to live in Cayman. It had a bar, seaside restaurants, nice little rural sketsish looking girl etc... much like home eh but not exactly it seemed layed back in a lively sort of way eh (don't comment on the paradox there all you literature majors) However the ever pervasive sense of apathy managed to linger there too... aaaaaaaaaaarrrgggh!!! Oh well there was something odd I had noted, they bury their dead on the beach eh... in the sand laaawwd!!! But small thing really... So after dips in pool, beach, more driving around... I pretty much ended my trip in Caymania and the very next day was on my way back to JA...

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