Monday, May 31, 2004

My BirthDay: "The Post Mortem" R.I.P. May 27

Well it has dawned on me now that I am 23 and very very very old, hmmm and what have I accomplished with my life... not much it would seem, so I've invented this wonderful concept where, no longer will I remember, count, nor keep track of my age, as of this very moment May 27 is dead. The new modus operandi will be... Press on, hussle hard, worry not and mi must bust soon... don't??? Anyway me feel so... So here is to 23 in 2004,(enter Bounty Killer song: Big Tings a Gwaan 2004) the last Birthday hurrah... *sob* *sob* *sniff* *sniff*... May 27 used to be such a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Yannick
What's happening man?? so May 27 is dead. Hey fellow Gemini was this post done on an evil twin day? as you know all Gemini's have at least 2 different personalities. I can say this because I am about 2 weeks behind you. Hit me up!!