Sunday, May 16, 2004

More on "The" ever Grand Cayman

Well as I continue to ingest the ever mundane life that is Grand Cayman, I see really that there is no real work to do here, mostly Cayman is an island of routines. It's like no one has any real thing to do so they entertain themselves by tying up themselves with set routines, hmm like a "I go to work at 8 eat lunch at such and such..." and you ought to get my drift. Then there is a terrible sense of apathy amongst the people, they seem droned into existence, must be the easy acquisition of material gains, the people have no real ambitions or dreams of anything just cars, girls, party, etc. Hopes of a black movement or any type of social upheaval here would be far fetched, if not impossible. Hmmm colour is an issue here too, much like Jamaica, brown is the esteemed colour, and if such a thing is possible, its the colour of choice. "Shadism" is the order of the day here, lots of half breeds, beasts and that sort of thing... oh well they hate Jamaicans... whats new... they refer to us mostly as the expatriates (expatriate SYLLABICATION: ex·pa·tri·ate, NOUN: (-t, -t)1. One who has taken up residence in a foreign country. 2. One who has renounced one's native land. definition taken from ... (I like to think X-patriots{black ppl spreading the cause, like X-men eh.}) but not all expatriates are Jamaican, though the majority is, some are from Canada, Honduras, Cuba etc.

The fundamental difference with here and Jamaica is that I really see much more scope to change the plight of the Caribbean from Jamaica than here. Here I feel there is much more social ratification to be made, though I think they have lots to contribute, granted they maybe small and all, they have managed to create an economy out of off-shore banking and tourism, that's still some feat.

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