Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lake Hoyte

Gee! Welcome to the Repbulic of Paradise Acres... Governed by Yannick and Dax Pessoa. Now here we are featuring Hoyte Drive... locale of the Presidential Palace located at 15 Hoyt Drive... however the Republic is host to certain temporaneous landmarks, "Lake Hoyte" being one such feature... Lake Hoyte occurs with every rainfall, it appears at the bottom of the street. It is commonly sail by paper boats and the occasional turtle that escapes its owner...

Lake Hoyte in its splendor
another photo by The Enigmatic Mr. Pessoa � !?!

The Many Moods of the "placid" Lake Hoyte
another photo by The Enigmatic Mr. Pessoa � !?!

If anyone happens to know National Roads and works or whatever, or National Water Commission's number please give them a ding for me...

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Anonymous said...

Is it open for swimming? What is the daily rate? Weekend pass?