Sunday, May 22, 2005

New Poem

Actually this is an old poem but I just decided to brush it off refine it and ting... so give it a read and tell mi if it's sh!t...

100 Years Of Sleep

...And, oh!!!
I've been dying for a hundred years of sleep,
Liquor is small remedy,
Seems I've made life my undying enemy,
God you see my plight,
I've got dreams and no means of flight...
Only the oblivion between the thighs of night,
I've been in need of a hundred years of sleep,
I always walk...
never did I creep,
Monkeys on my back,
An albatross around my neck...
I've got crosses to bear,
My end is far,
And tragedy is near,
I have no master but fear...
Please please...
I'm in need of a hundred years sleep.

Yannick Nesta Pessoa Copyright

©2005 Yannick Nesta Pessoa

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