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Montego Bay Young Fresh Minds Wanted

published in THE WESTERN MIRROR, Dec. 3, 2005

Montego Bay: Young Fresh Minds & Intellects Wanted

"I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job."
~Margaret Thatcher

"It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it."
~Joseph Joubert

"If you can't answer a man's arguments, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names."
~Elbert Hubbard

"Fear not those who argue but those who dodge."
~Dale Carnegie

"The moment we want to believe something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it, and become blind to the arguments against it."
~George Bernard Shaw

"Use soft words and hard arguments."
~English Proverb

"The more arguments you win, the less friends you will have"
~American Proverb

"It is impossible to win an argument with an ignorant man"
~Author Unknown

Meet Montego Bay’s most wanted, the Montegonian, no small irony there. The title I intended to work both ways, more intellects needed in a brain drained to the point of almost desert like dryness in our city and also seeing that I do consider myself young and bright, and now wanted, the title I do believe is most apt. It seems the issue of Jah Cure has put me in the hot seat. It has also seemed to inspire debate as well as Mr. Donald Watson to start a ‘blog’ similar in fashion to mine. I am most honoured to have been the centre of all this attention. This kind of public debate is good for Montego Bay I think, it is due time that we have public forum, ideas and intellectual combatants come to the fore, as Montego Bay will never be boosted to the forefront of development without some sort of intellectual machinery or body to carry it there. So cheers for the sparring of ideas and thoughts. However it is not my intention to turn the Western Mirror into a cursing match.

…And now for my actual rebuttal. Mr. Watson does strike me as a man with an agenda, I hope his real intention is actually defending the victim, if so then he has ascribed himself a noble but unnecessary task, but I will cast no aspersions I’m going to solely tackle the points. Let me say my intention is never to offend the rape victim, I send her all the blessings I can. Mr. Watson however contends that I say free Jah Cure, never in anyone of my articles have I said this, he is making a claim that is not real, and if he is aware that he is making an unreal claim then that is intellectual dishonesty on his part. So Mr. Watson, please get your arguments together.

Mr. Watson also makes the assumption that conviction means guilt, it is common knowledge that the judicial system has convicted innocent men before. A court conviction means that a man is found guilty it does not mean he necessarily is guilty. We also know guilty men by virtue of loop holes or subversive tactics like buying judges and jurors to escape conviction. So the legal system is necessary but not infallible, it like everything in this world has its flaws and has been wrong before. As it pertains to Jah Cure, I contended that the case has discrepancies, which means the court may or may not be right, that does not mean I am saying he is innocent. I HOPE THAT IS CLEAR.

To answer Mr. Watson’s question, if whether or not other popular artistes became rapists I would support them? Well Mr. Watson there are other convicted artistes that are rapists, Zebra (a serial rapist at that) being one such artist, but I was no fan of his work, so I can not ascribe him any redeemable qualities, nor can I hail him as a Montegonian. But if he was a talented musician I would acknowledge his talent as I have done with Jah Cure. Ancient Monarchy also known as Frisko Kid has been alleged to have raped, but I appreciate some of his songs and as such will acknowledge his work. And I would like to re-iterate that acknowledging the work of people is not the same as approval for their transgressions and misdeeds.

Now Mr. Watson also touched a nerve when he makes the proclamation that I have embarrassed myself in front of my readers I suppose. Mr. Watson let me say that you and your small circle of friends are nowhere close to being my entire readership or the Western Mirrors readership. So if it is you think I have embarrassed myself you may very well be in the minority, also people’s disagreement with stance or position is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. In fact I think it may actually be noble and honourable to stand up and state one’s opinion on an issue that may leave you unpopular, granted I think this topic has not left me unpopular.

The reason I have not gone to ask women about this topic Mr. Watson is because I have a sister, a mother, aunts, and many women enough who disagree with me on the topic. And the opinions on the large majority of people, who have not even studied, investigated or know the truth of the case is not of interest to me. Also even if the overwhelming majority of women did say that they think that Jah Cure is whatever undying evil you Mr. Watson are convinced he is, would not necessarily make that the truth. Let us not forget that just a millennia ago the majority of the western world and thinkers thought the world was actually flat, but that never made it so. So sir the opinions of people will not necessarily make Jah Cure truly guilty.

As for the remix of Jah Cure’s song, a good bit of wit, but it does nothing real to add substance to the argument. Also I hope you Mr. Watson know the victim and have consent to champion your cause. Here is to peaceful disagreement, and hopefully we can agree to disagree. May be we can have drink and laugh this topic off one day. Till next week.

p.s. Next week I tackle Christmas in MoBay

By Yannick Nesta Pessoa
B.A. in Philosophy
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