Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Season of twins

Well idle post cah it my gemini season... an bun anybody weh neva seh happy b-day!!!

Fun Facts about Gemini
By the Astrocenter Team

Versatility is a great keyword for this dual sign. Expressive and quick-witted, the Geminian presents two distinctive sides to their personality, and you can never be sure which one you're going to come face-to-face with. On one hand, the Geminian can be outgoing, flirtatious, communicative, and ready for fun, fun, fun. Yet when the other twin is present, you can find this air sign contemplative, serious, restless and even indecisive. Both twins are able to adapt to life's circumstances well, making them wonderful people to know. Things are never boring when a Gemini is on the scene.

Friends and Family
Geminis are social and love spending time with friends and family. There will be times when this outgoing sign would want to go bungee jumping. And there will be times where sitting at home playing cards will suit them. Either way, friends are plentiful. Those that can match the Geminian intellect and love of variety will go the distance. One quality they seek out in others is communication. The Geminian loves to talk and to gain insight from others. Without a clear flow of talk, the Geminian will lose interest pretty quick. Family is important, especially those of like mind. Friendship with siblings is quite common for the Geminian, and time spent together is cherished. Meeting responsibilities with family can pose challenging at times, but almost always, the Geminian comes through.

Career and Money
The best suited careers for a Gemini are those that stimulate the intellect. "I think" is the key phrase for this sign. Geminians are inventive and often literary. It's important that the work they commit themselves to doing is dynamic and challenging so boredom doesn't set in.

Careers as a teacher, debater, reporter, writer, preacher, or lawyer are all well suited to this sign. Any platform that allows the Geminian room to talk is best! A sales profession is another excellent choice. You can expect to see many tools for communication around this sign, such as PDA's, laptops, and cell phones. Generating new ideas and problem solving are other areas where the Geminian will shine.

Deciding between practicality and pleasure can be a tough thing for a Gemini. While money is a necessary evil, most don't spend a lot of time worrying about where their next dollar is coming from. They don't put much thought into balancing their checkbooks, yet they seem to manage to get by just fine. This is largely due to the flexibility Geminians have.

Love and Sex
Fun-loving and always up for an intellectual challenge, the Gemini is a spirited lover. The talk that precedes the interlude is just as important as the actual contact for this sign, and when it comes to wit, this sign holds nothing back. Flirtatious and curious, the Geminian will spend time with a lot of different lovers until they find one that can match their intellect and energy level. The Gemini needs to experience excitement, versatility, and stimulation to feel fully satisfied. Once found though, the Geminian can settle into a lifestyle for two for the long haul.


Each sign has a part of the anatomy attached to it, making this the area of the body that is most sensitive to stimulation. The anatomical areas for Gemini are the lungs, collarbone, hands, arms, shoulders, and the nervous system.

Ruling Planet
The ruling planet for Gemini is Mercury. Representing intellectual urge and the avenue of expression, this planet rules reason, rationalization, words, awareness and communication. Its action is quick and it deals with travel, speaking, writing, trade, and emotional capacity and technique.

The color of choice for Gemini is green.

Gemini's star stone is the Moss Agate.

Lucky Numbers
Gemini's lucky numbers are 3 and 7.

Geminis are most compatible with Libra and Aquarius.

Opposite Sign
The opposite sign of Gemini is Sagittarius.

The Perfect Gift
The best gifts for a Gemini are writing materials and books.

Reading, writing, having a lot to do, being on the go, variety.

Being alone, mental boredom, being forced to be silent, mundane assignments.

Natural sign of the Third House. This house focuses on short trips, communication, conscious mind, brothers and sisters, and early education.

Famous Geminians
John F. Kennedy, Dean Martin, Judy Garland, Nicole Kidman, and Bob Hope

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Advent Summer: The Year 2005, Montego Bay; Metropolis by the sea.

On the calender, summer isn't officially here. But I say it is. Welcome to the city where the breeze is briny and sea is always at your disposal, and the sands there always cradle your step.

Mango trees tempt passersby with the promise of fruit to come, the gravalicious (avaricious) plot which ones they'll be taking in the coming weeks. Naseberries begin to bear and of course litter my yard. If I were the enterprising type I'd be selling my produce down the road by now. Alas it isn't so, I'll continue to dream of dollar bills and coins and languish in the exhausting heat.

Summer here is hot and humid. The mornings are bathed in a blaring sun, where most things are too bright to look at and every pair of eyes you make contact with on the street a squinted (quint, if you speak the native tongue, I prefer quint). The asphalt on the streets are wavy with broiling oasis/marage type of look. By midday, the hills near Bogue and Pitfour, are beginning to blacken with clouds. The horizons on the sea, the coast that takes you to Negril are teaming with cumulunimbus clouds that always posture as though there is a coming storm. The air and breeze gets drastically cool. And usually at roughly 2pm the rains come.

Depending on where you are, you'll people huddled up and sheltered under any piece of awning or eve of buildings... in the heart of town waters will course through the streets and drains, like blood through veins, and you'll hear in certain places the very quiet quenching of parched earth and almost melting asphalt. It is a sort of siesta... as huddled vendor take time out to talk instead of the chorus of marketing jingles and ploys in attempt to seduce passers by into more than likely an unnecessary purchase. Taxi men will burn their spliff and their Craven 'A'(the cigarette of choice outside of Kingston). The bleachers who had been playing a sly game of hide and seek with Mr. Sun will take the reprieve to make their rounds; hair products, creams etc.

In the residential areas outside the humming or even throbbing heart of this unusual metropolis you will find children who just finish school, those who just made an early skip, and those who finished their shifts at twelve all frolicking in a most "Winnie the Pooh" adventure type of sense, through water, trees, building paper boats set sail in small coursing streams or drains. Shoes will have been long since place in school bags and pants legs rolled straight up to at least shin height. The neighbourhood bars will be refuge to those dying for a drink and a draw since 10 am, but never had an excuse to.

At roughly 6pm the streets fill with those who are making the trek home (if not in Mobay, then to Lucea, Falmouth, Sav, even Ochi and St. Bess) or simply free from desks and computers and ready to forage the concrete jungle for a roadside dinner, alcohol and sex. As the night persist you'll realise that the rains were temporary reprieve from the heat and humidity. The skies are deep blue and in this city, scantily dotted with stars (more than Kingston though). Street sides and bars begin to erect the outdoor speaker towers (espcially on a Friday night) and people discard their customer services persona(what little of it they have) and let liquor and marijuana become there guides into the rest of the night. Street sides are filled with the come around girls who are looking for some sucker to fool (no pun intended).

As you step out of the heart of town, the bars and streets take on a vintage appeal. Bars stop carrying the name "bar" and acquire the esteemed title of taverns or pubs. The crowds usually range from the mid 40's to even the late 80's. The dim light will hide the years on the faded glam madams of what seems Montego Bay's and even Planet Jamaica's golden era or Pax Xaymaca, if you were ever to believe all the "pub chatter". At night no matter where you are it is highly probable that you'll see the Cornwall Regional Hospital ( The hospital that has the privilege of being the largest in the Caribbean I believe- "thaz to poke at all non-Jamaican readers"). MoBay's HipStrip is teaming with "touristy" activities and I'm probably there at the distinguished and rustic Sports bar, MOBAY PROPER.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Lake Hoyte

Gee! Welcome to the Repbulic of Paradise Acres... Governed by Yannick and Dax Pessoa. Now here we are featuring Hoyte Drive... locale of the Presidential Palace located at 15 Hoyt Drive... however the Republic is host to certain temporaneous landmarks, "Lake Hoyte" being one such feature... Lake Hoyte occurs with every rainfall, it appears at the bottom of the street. It is commonly sail by paper boats and the occasional turtle that escapes its owner...

Lake Hoyte in its splendor
another photo by The Enigmatic Mr. Pessoa � !?!

The Many Moods of the "placid" Lake Hoyte
another photo by The Enigmatic Mr. Pessoa � !?!

If anyone happens to know National Roads and works or whatever, or National Water Commission's number please give them a ding for me...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Another poem... don't get tired of me just yet


I'm selfrighteous,
And it keeps me prosperous,
Said one sinner to the next.

Well I'm honest,
Said the other,
And it keeps me wise,
I know when to speak the truth,
And when to tell my lies.

Yannick Nesta Pessoa

Copyrighted Yannick Nesta Pessoa 2005

Sunday, May 22, 2005

One more poem for the road!!!


Denied New Attributes,
Trapped I am,
In an uncanny helix,
I'm a mommy/daddy remix,
Sons, scions and seed,
Nothing ain't changed with this new breed.

Yannick Nesta Pessoa

Copyright ©2005 Yannick Nesta Pessoa

yah yah yah... please tell mi if dem nuh mek it eh!!! Tunkz...

Another new poem, I'm on a roll here...

Den Of Thieves

We live in a wheel,
Where everyone steals,
Yes, Yes...
Take what's mine
Take all that's divine...
Rob me of credibility,
Strip me of my belief,
Merging lives in a bazaar of crime,
We live in a den of thieves.

Yannick Nesta Pessoa

Copyright ©2005 Yannick Nesta Pessoa

New Poem

Actually this is an old poem but I just decided to brush it off refine it and ting... so give it a read and tell mi if it's sh!t...

100 Years Of Sleep

...And, oh!!!
I've been dying for a hundred years of sleep,
Liquor is small remedy,
Seems I've made life my undying enemy,
God you see my plight,
I've got dreams and no means of flight...
Only the oblivion between the thighs of night,
I've been in need of a hundred years of sleep,
I always walk...
never did I creep,
Monkeys on my back,
An albatross around my neck...
I've got crosses to bear,
My end is far,
And tragedy is near,
I have no master but fear...
Please please...
I'm in need of a hundred years sleep.

Yannick Nesta Pessoa Copyright

©2005 Yannick Nesta Pessoa

Friday, May 20, 2005

The MoBay Nights

In the country the darkness of night is friendly and familiar, but in a city, with its blaze of lights, it is unnatural, hostile and menacing. It is like a monstrous vulture that hovers, biding its time.
~Somerset Maugham

We wake in the night, to stereophonic silence.
~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

"There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery."
~ Joseph Conrad

Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep.
~Catherine O'Hara

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
~Vincent Van Gogh

Most glorious night!
Thou wert not sent for slumber!
~Lord Byron, Childe Harold

By night, an atheist half believes in God.
~Edward Young, Night Thoughts

Night's black Mantle covers all alike.
~Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

For the night shows stars and women in a better light.
~Lord Byron, Don Juan

For the happiest life, rigorously plan your days, leave your nights open to chance.
~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966


Welcome to my life on the cusp of 24 years on Planet Jamaica... crime and violence is at an all time high, people die, people live, people pray. If you're lucky, you're probable one of the few who has wholesome and exhaustive and even languid sex in the siesta hours of 1:30pm-4pm go to the beach at dusk bask in the dimming orange light of polluted skies and then head to some quaint old bar to wash your mind with whisky or vodka... and then retire to more sex and drugs. I however have not been this fortunate...

I spend my days in the nexus realm of ideas potential possibility insecurity and some semblance of poverty... But its the NIGHTS the goddamn nights that screw me over. I take to the streets of the community known as Paradise Acres most nights, in a dire depraved and desperate search for adventure, anything to escape the lack of the female companionship, the achilles heel of male kind.

What I'm listening to these days

My musical ear I find moves in cycles and has a serious on and off switch... these days I've moved away just a little from the dancehall... so here is my playlist:

"US" by Regina Spektor
"American Baby" by Dave Matthews
"Fade into You" by Mazzy Star
"Feel Good INC" by Gorillaz
"Ordinary People" by John Legend
"Holiday" by Green Day
"Jerk it Out" by (I forget the name)
"Burning in the Sun" by Blue Merle

Cuba in on the act...

Cuba Switching to Linux

Posted by Zonk on Thursday May 19, @09:12AM
from the comrade-tux dept.
Tony Montana writes "According to several news sites the government of Cuba is dumping Windows in favour of Linux. Cuba's director of information technology, Roberto del Puerto, says that Cuba already has approximately 1500 computers running on Linux, and is working towards replacing Windows on all state owned computers."

taken from : slashdot.org

some extra info...

Actually they have quite a positive image in most countries of the world other than the US. Given that they've been US embargoed for several decades and yet still can offer some of the best healthcare and social services in the Caribbean says alot to their efficiency. Castro and the communist government aren't a walk in the park (e.g. human rights abuses, limited democractic rights for population, dictatorial powers) but its not nearly as bad as portrayed in the American media.

Linux is a good deal for Cuba, as they can't legally buy Windows given the US embargo...actually they can't buy most software under the circumstances. Also, their currency weakness doesn't allow them to trade for services very well. Given that Linux will make the every-day person's life more productive I can't see anyone reasonably opposing Linux adoption in Cuba...the government won't benefit from this directly.

I think that there is a general understanding even here in the US that the sanctions on Cuba are both counterproductive and implimented in such a way as to hurt the generally innocent Cuban civillians. I think that most Americans would favor more trade with Cuba. The problem instead however is that the ages of the past seem to lie like a nightmare on the present, and what was once a cold-war imperial policy (the Cold War was an imperial chess game between two cultural and political empires, IMO).

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Episode of the Reader Man

"Ala - ma - shamba, ti - reng - geh, ti - reng - guh... Shalom Alacheim I am the child of Jehoviah"
Thus begins a night of hoaxes and shams as few inebriated individuals including myself indulge an alleged "Reader Man" as he divines our futures.

Outside the Mobay Proper sports bar... If I remember correctly the host of characters present were David Brown (a.k.a. The Head Turner, DJ, or "Dakta Brown Son"), Mario Woon, DJ's girlfriend Nikki (forgive me if I mispell), David's friend Kenny and Myself. Here we are lounging the night away on Redbull, Absolut Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Appleton and Pepsi. As the liquor asserts itself and the conversation becomes trite babble on the relationships, man, woman and pointless meandering. A slim figure makes his way up Fort Street (former sanctuary to ladies of the night in the Montego Bay of yesteryear). With beatup clothes and an old West Indies cap (by the way for all the cricket aficionado my "Anty Judith" says West Indies Cricket team is an oxymorom) and bottle of Stones Ginger Wines twirling aimlessly in his left hand he hails the small gathering... "Yes I, bless bless, Kings and kings, Rasta..."

"Aye unnu see mi simple yah, mi a reader man..." to which David responds "A wah dis to BC, hahaha." He continues... "I come yah fi tell di ones dem what is what" He proceeds into several chants Ala - ma - shamba, ti - reng - geh, ti - reng - guh... Shalom Alacheim etc etc... I will not lie at first I thought this man was a lunatic, but then I came to the realization that the man has his routine and act down good, lots of psychology here... he starts with David putting him on the usual ego-trip... "you a powerful yute, but people a try fight you down, dem fear yuh still..." Now this is how I realize the man is a sham "DJ" a powerful yute, huh!!! wah!?! come again, YAH RITE :) ...

He gives David some seeds so he can hold on to his money (which were not seeds, on scrutiny I realized they were the pellets you find on bottle brush trees) and tells him to read Psalms 91 ( which states "Psalms 91 v1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." If you're interested). Anyway runs the gimmick on the whole crew, bu twhy this man freaks me out is the fact that he asserts that I have a baby mother. Now real reader man or sham... this is one scary prospect... mi cyaaaaaaaaan go manage dat deh one deh!
So in summary that is the tale of the reader man and how psychics and soothsayers become contraceptives...

Aaaaaaah BC boy all in the life of The Adventuring Mr. Pessoa...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Meet "Justice" my niece resident terrorist, specialist in the department of mass malicious destruction of property... She's back to NY. Thanks be to God...
another photo by The Enigmatic Mr. Pessoa© !!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Yan: origin- Hebrew meaning-God's grace
Yanni: origin- Hebrew meaning- Gift of God
Yannick: meaning- God is Gracious


You have great self-confidence and a charming personality which attracts many friends and admirers. Your innate sense of personal power and ability to lead are ideally suited to positions of authority. Being so versatile and seeing the big picture your ambitions are high and much is usually expected of you. With patience and tenacity you will certainly fulfill the great potential you have for success.

When yuh name can tough so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh??????


MAY 15th will be the anniversary of this blog and as such I would like to thank you all for your readership and support... no sarcasm here... honesty and honestly.

Porn is what makes your future...

The dirty secret that drives new technology: it's porn

The mobile communications revolution is being led by the booming sex industry, writes John Arlidge

Sunday March 3, 2002
The Observer

Nick White wants more sex and, unusually for the head of a large London-based mobile-phone firm, is happy to admit it. White knows what turns him on. He wants erotic images and games, he wants sex messages from girlfriends and his virtual mistress, he wants to talk dirty. And he wants it any time, anywhere.

Laura Sigman could have been made for him. Like White, she works in telecoms, thinks about sex all the time and doesn't mind sharing him with other women. She lives in the US, but plans to come to London this year to talk about sex. White wants to meet her.

White is head of VirginXtras, the adult services division of Richard Branson's Virgin mobile phone group, while Sigman works for playboy.com, which sells Playboy merchandise, including Playmate images, online. What unites the two executives is not just sex. They want money, too. Yours and mine. And lots of it.

Last year mobile-phone firms spent billions of pounds on networks that will soon allow us to download still and moving images on to 'third-generation' handsets that are starting to appear in the shops. Now, to recoup their investment, they are resorting to the oldest sales gimmick in the book to flog the new phones - s-e-x.

Like schoolboys nervously eyeing the top shelf in WHSmith, telecoms executives want to grab a share of the 'adult services' market but don't know how. Sex is the fastest-growing area of third-generation mobile telecommunications research and development.

'Suddenly, everyone in mobile communications wants to know what the sex trade - or "adult entertainment" as they call it - can do for them,' says Ben Wood, of Gartner, a Surrey-based IT research and consultancy firm.

That sex sells is scarcely a startling discovery. What is striking, however, is how analysts and executives are acknowledging - for the first time - how important it is when it comes to driving technological advance.

As one senior industry figure put it: 'For years it has been a dirty secret that one of the key drivers of new consumer technology is sex, pornography. The need to make 3G technology work - and work fast - is exposing that secret.'

Analysts estimate that demand for sex services delivered via mobile phones could be worth as much as £1 billion a year in Britain by 2005. Some believe that the future of third-generation mobile communication depends on sex.

Dario Betti, an analyst at London-based digital media consultancy Ovum, says: 'Like it or not, pornography drives each new, convenient visual technology, and 3G, which combines powerful new media applications, will be no different.'

Betti certainly has history on his side. If you are reading this article at home, you may not have any centrefolds stashed under the bed. You may disapprove of porn. But the spin-offs of the industry are all around you.

The camcorder and video machine you use to capture those memorable family moments - baby's first steps, weddings, holidays - use VHS tapes. US pornographers' decision to adopt the cheap convenient VHS - rather than rival Betamax - when the two systems were introduced in the 1970s killed off Betamax while sales of pornographic films drove take-up of video recorders.

Your DVD player may be great for watching out-takes of the Mike Myers' comedy Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me, but it is real sex movies which have driven DVD sales because, unlike videotape, users can skip quickly to and from their favourite scenes. The pay-per-view cable or satellite TV movie channel is only available on your TV because pornographers pioneered subscription 'premium' services first in hotels and then on digital networks.

Did you watch the BBC's interactive coverage of Wimbledon on Sky's digital network last summer? Watching four games at once or changing the camera angle so you can watch your favourite player more closely may look new but it isn't. Pornographers perfected the technology a decade ago for an entirely different 'sport'.

And, then, there is the internet. If anyone ever doubted the power of sex to drive technological innovation, the internet proves it, several billion times over - every day. When the web was launched, the most popular word searches were 'sex' and 'porn' and it's still true. Service providers, including Yahoo! and Altavista, have begun excluding sex searches from their net use surveys because they skew the results and make them worthless.

Pornographic sites are also one of the few web services that make money. Forget the great dot.com crash, the Online Computer Library Centre's annual review of net use last year found 80,000 'major' adult websites, which generated profits of more than £1bn - more than any other e-commerce sector. Much of that money has been reinvested in developing leading-edge interactive services including 'virtual reality' sex games that allow users to 'join in' the action.

Porn providers have become so good at developing technology and making money online that mainstream e-businesses from banks to supermarkets are now asking its leading practitioners for advice.

Danni Ashe, an American 'erotic actress' who made millions selling nude pictures of herself on her own website - Danni's Hard Drive - is making a second career as a technological consultant and strategic adviser to large US corporations.

But why porn? What has made a product more associated with men in dirty macs than hi-tech industries one of the most powerful technological forces on the planet? Observers say porn and technology work together so well because each meets the needs of the other. Nerd needs anorak.

Technology is demand-driven. Cutting-edge firms develop products they think will sell fast. Some of the strongest demand comes from porn 'manufacturers' because each hi-tech leap forward helps them get over the one big problem their industry faces - the shame factor.

'Demand for porn is high, but it doesn't travel well,' explains Malcolm Hutty, general director of the Campaign against Censorship of the Internet in Britain. 'People want porn, but they want it in the comfort of their own home, not seedy backstreet cinemas or sex-shops, and they don't want anyone else to know about it. Technology helps bring it straight to you. Each advance seems, at least, to bring you closer to the fantasy, and guarantee more privacy.

'Porn started in cinemas - very public. It then moved into video stores - more discreet. DVDs and digital TV took it direct into the home. And the internet means you can get it any time, anywhere. The more private it becomes, the more comfortable consumers feel, particularly women. They enjoy it more, so they buy it more.'

And now it is coming to mobile phones. It may seem odd that anyone would want to look at porn on a handheld-computer, much less on a mobile phone, but both the sex industry and mobile-phone firms believe that third-generation handsets represent the biggest-ever opportunity to sell sex. As one operator puts it: 'People love mobiles. Almost every adult has one and many will buy the new third-generation sets. People also love the internet.

'3G phones combine the mobile phone and the internet. You're online all the time. It's the net in your pocket. And if you see how many people use the net for sex, you do not have to be a genius to see how they will use their new phones.'

From the earliest photographic equipment to 3G phones, there is scarcely a communications technology which hasn't been seized upon by pornographers and their heavy-breathing customers with equal relish. If the past is anything to go by, the future for mobile-phone firms and the flesh trade is bright. But it's not Orange. It's blue.

What's porn done for us?

You may disapprove of pornography but the spin-offs of the industry are all around.

· Camcorder and VHS video machines were pioneered by porn barons anxious to find a cheap way to mass market blue movies. Take-up of DVD players was driven by pornographers and their customers because the technology enabled users to skip to and from their favourite scenes.

· Pay-per-view cable or satellite TV movies entered the market only after porn firms introduced 'premium' services in hotels and on digital networks. Interactive television, common on digital sport channels, was developed by pornographers to allow users to focus on favourite actors and actresses.

· Internet use and e-business have been driven by smut. There are 80,000 adult websites, which generate annual profits of more than £1 billion - more than any other e-commerce sector.


Quote on Blogging

"If freedom of the press belongs to those who have the press, then blogging expands ownership of the press,"

"citizen journalism."

by Bill Hobbs



A morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place).
definition provided by WordWeb v. 3.03.

This fear is one of my first and most dominant... I just remembered the name of the phobia so I'm sharing it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Today was a good day...

Well today was filled with some unusual events... firstly things went my way, well not actually but kinda. Firstly I was soooooooooo surprised to find out a reasonable amount of people read my column in The Western Mirror... hahahahahaahahaha what an ego boost, I thought it was just a on person at first, but was pleasantly surprised. First it began one day walking into the bank(NCB at Baywest), when I stumbled into a friend from 19 'how-long name Tanieka, tells me she read my Spring Break column and yadda yadda yadda. Then I run into a high school parri name "Zut" who says something similar, then to top it of a former hall mate of mine named Edgris told me she was marking her one of her students paper only to see a quote by "Yannick Nesta Pessoa" to her surprise... can you imagine the head swell... hahahahhaha

The Quotable Mr. Pessoa. One step closer to Caribbean domination and dictatorship.

Idle Note about me...

Hmmm I just realized I have 103 locks on my head...

and for all those who don't know, forgot or don't remember, my birthday is May the 27th and I am soliciting presents... cash or kind.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

RASTA COMING AT YAH!!! The Inventive Mr. Pessoa

Terrorizing Beasts everywhere... bwahahahahahah!!!

Coming to a neighbourhood near you... if you aren't watching YannickTV please call your local cable company and demand us now, be sure to see the season premiere of "How I'm B.C. Living" and "The So Real Life."

Be sure to lookout for my forthcoming books "Marijuana for the Manic Mind" and "Tea Time on the Devil's Verandah"

Tha tha tha thats all folks!!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Movies mi waan see dis Summa

Yup nuff movie a drop dis Summer so here are the one weh me a forward, promote and waan see...

1. Gilgamesh

Release Date: TBA 2005 (limited)
Studio: Stonelock Pictures
Director: Roger Christian
Screenwriter: Beni Atoori, Roger Christian, Mitchell Cohen
Starring: Max Ryan, Leonor Varela, Omar Sharif, Peter O'Toole, Robert Davi, Kenan Imirzalioglu, Valentina Cervi, Armand Assante, Costas Mandylor, Faramarz Assef, Ozgu Namal, Zuhal Olcay, Cyrus Pahlavi, Azra Akin
Genre: Adventure, Drama
MPAA Rating: Not Available
Official Website: Not Available
Review: Not Available
DVD Review: Not Available
DVD/VHS: Not Available
Movie Poster: Not Available
Production Stills: Not Available

Plot Summary: Over seven thousand years ago, before it was called Iraq, before it was called Persia, before the writing of the Old Testament, before the age of the Pharaohs, ..Assyria was that land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers; home to the hated King Gilgamesh. Thru thousands of years, GILGAMESH has endured as the oldest and most revolutionary work of literature known to mankind. This first-ever epic follows the warrior-king from his divine rise to power to his victories and struggles with the Gods; risking life and love on his tumultuous quest to find the answers to happiness and immortality. What he found was much less mysterious than he ever expected.. and it was always there, right at his finger tips.

Lords of Dogtown (2005)


Like the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys (which featured footage of this film's screenwriter, skating legend Stacy Peralta), only in fictional form, Lords of Dogtown chronicles the adventures of the crew of 1970s California skaters who brought their surfing experience to the concrete and revolutionized the sport.

Kingdom of Heaven (R) Wide Release (I'm tired of epics too but I'll give it a shot)

Bailian (Orlando Bloom), a young French blacksmith, is mourning the loss of his wife and son when he's confronted by his estranged father, Godfrey of Ibelin (Liam Neeson), the baron to the king of Jerusalem and a man committed to keeping peace in the holy land despite the increasing possibility of war. Ridley Scott (Gladiator) directs.