Monday, July 18, 2005

My Letter To the Editor in The Daily Observer and some responses


Dear Editor,
I write in response to a letter in the Observer of July 13, "No, not Portia". The author, P Chin, argues that senior minister Mrs Simpson Miller, a contender for the "top job" as prime minister, is not suited for the task.

He bases his argument solely on her saying she would rule with advisers. He claims that she is unfit for the task because her responses are "plain and simple" and she lacks "certain skills and qualities, and even decorum" .

However, I would like to believe that she is most suited for the job, owing to her simplicity. I believe that for too long people in government have been too adept at making flowery speeches that say nothing at all and hiding their inabilities, inadequacies and failures behind big words that often fly above the heads of our electorate.

P Chin also says her competence, leadership and public service are appreciated. I say they are her track record, and speak to her work ethic and approach. An approach that says to me a humble member of the electorate and resident Jamaican that she has the necessary will and gumption to get the job done.

I would also like to ask what is the worth of all the diplomacy and decorum. Prime Minister Tony Blair in England is known for his decorum and skills, but has constantly misled his British electorate, as in the case of Iraq.

To cite a more local and intimate example, every day we hear well-educated politicians in the local media make flowery, statesman-like speeches but yet our economy, state security and various ministries are in a shambles.

So I contend if Mrs Simpson Miller were to become prime minister, I think the country would be in very capable hands. What say you?

Yannick Pessoa

Here is the letter to which I replied

No, P Chin, Portia is great

Monday, July 18, 2005
No, not Portia

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dear Editor,
Now I feel so sorry for Portia Simpson, senior minister, and now a contender for the top job, hoping to become Jamaica's next prime minister. Seems like every time she opens her mouth, one is forced to laugh ironically, this is not even a joke!

Now she says she will "rule with advisers", when asked how she would manage leading Jamaica on the international stage as the next prime minister. Your recent article "I will rule with advisers", said it all.

I recall a few years ago she was also asked "Why Portia for PM?"; her response was plain and simple, "Why not?" And that's your problem, Ms Simpson - simplicity cannot run a country! It takes certain skills and qualities, and even decorum to effectively lead a nation, and represent it on the world stage!

I fear the worst with Ms Simpson at the helm, certainly not the best the country could put forward as PM. Her competence, leadership and public service, though much appreciated, should clearly remain at the local level.

How can someone hoping to be PM, tell the media (which is read worldwide), she will do like other world leaders, and "rule with advisers"? Clearly, she doesn't have a clue!

P Chin
Ontario, Canada

And here are some responses I was e-mailed

"Anthony Blair"
I saw your article in the Monday's Observer and I am in total agreement
with you regarding Portia is capable of running the country. Once again
thsnks for article and your forthrightness. All the best.

Anthony C. Blair
Myers, Fletcher & Gordon
Information Management Services Department
21 East Street
Park Place
922-5860 (ext. 2544)
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privileged. Unless you are the addressee (or authorized to receive for the
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Paul Chin
Your letter in todays paper was most ammusing. I think
you should try to become one of Ms Simpson-Millers
'advisors'. Clearly it takes a lot more than a team of
advisors to effectively run a country, this is not a
dolly house, or a play pen. Running a countrys budget
is quite different from managing ones household. One
must be competent, skilled in the art of decision
making, & very much aware of national & international
issues. I wouldve been far more impressed if Portia
had replied to the question, with brief thoughts or
her ideas for Jamaicas foreign Policy or role
internationally (Im sure she doesnt have a clue). And
by the way, what exactly is Ms Millers accomplishments
& record? As I said, her scope & competence seem far
more effective in a local office. She dabbled in
Tourism & failed at that also. Her crudeness & lack of
decorum & tact has not gone unnoticed. You are
forgetting that people like Blair & Bush were highly
successful individuals before entering politics, they

had a record as effective managers & policy & decision
makers. So much so, both, despite the controversy with
Iraqi war, won decisive mandates from electorate to
continue into another term! So continue thinking that
what Jamaica need is a "motherly touch", & "a team of

I wish you all well.


Paul Thompson
Dear Yannick Pessoa,

I have read your letter in the Jamaica Observer, i would disagree with you on the competence of Portia Simpson-Miller as being a worthy individual for the highest seat of the land. Portia cant even run own Ministry what says the nation?

However my primary reason for opposing Portia for Prime Minister of Jamaica is that she has been apart of the political mercenary sect that has destroyed my country. The whole set of them must just move over and let another set of goodwill individuals take over governance of the country. They have by and large sown the seeds for the type of crime and violence we are experiencing in the country.

Sincerely Yours
Paul Thompson
Middle East

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Bracing for Cindy, Franklin and Irene

Devastation wrought by Hurricane Ivan last year in Grenada.

All indications are that the imminent hurricane season will be at least as robust as last year's, although there is no chance of having a Charley, Frances or the devastating Ivan in the line-up, as those three storm-names have all been discarded forever.

The terrible trio hit last year with merciless force, Ivan claming 77 lives in the Caribbean and 52 in the US, moving the international committee of the World Meteorological Organisation to replace them with the names Cindy, Franklin and Irene for the 2005 season.

Hurricane names are only deleted if a storm is so deadly or costly that use of its name in a subsequent year would be deemed insensitive. Janet, which tore into Tobago (and other places) in 1955, was consequently axed from future consideration.

Six lists are used in rotation, which means we will this year again see those utilized to identify storms of 1999.

In Atlantic storms, the list is topped by a name beginning with the letter A and goes sequentially through the alphabet to the letter W (historical data suggests we will never have enough storms to invoke use of X, Y or Z).


How Atlantic Hurricanes Are Named:
"In Atlantic storms, the list is topped by a name beginning with the letter A and goes sequentially through the alphabet to the letter W (historical data suggests we will never have enough storms to invoke use of X, Y or Z). "

Hurricane Arlene

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Here comes the rain again...

Documenting Ivan, Dennis and the hurricane season...

First here are some of my Parri dem blog, weh pertain to the hurricane: Spliffie Blog and Nneka's Blog.

Well what can I say my faithful readers one and all... Dennis was no menace and paled in comparison to Ivan the terrible... Since Ivan passed ten months ago,I have been meaning to put up my Ivan pics but never got around to it but now that we are in the busy hurricane season and seeing Dennis just passed I'll post them now... And it seems that this hurricane season pelting out these beasts of nature, one-a-week, I just saw some mention of another one named Emily last night on the news... This is insane, "MI CYAAAAAAN MANAGE NUH MORE POWA CUT" screwface
Anyway stinking JPS cutting the power before hurricane season, so fiyah bun dem... So here are the pics as promised... "YAHNYK'S HURRICANE IVAN EXTRAVAGANZA"