Thursday, April 28, 2016

Musings on Identity!

Identity... In community life and wider Montego Bay l was Ms. Thompson grand son, during various stages of school life I was Dax brother, with the advent of my Dawta, the new ID is Kee-kee Faada... Did Yannick Pessoa ever exist???

Do you know him? I don't think anyone has ever really employed that name... It seems a vague thing I hold dear for some reason I forgot. I know I am called Yaneek by the average Jamaican, Johnick by caucasians, a Hebrew name lost in so many translations, I am the oldest birth certificate holder in the island with that name, maybe one or two women inspired me with the way they said it in my ear, I am Yanni to many in Paradise, Yanni-man to another section of Paradise, Jesus to quite a few in Paradise, my mother calls me 'come here mi big son or handsome son', my grandma said 'maah-yan' and 'Maas yan' that one would kill school mates who bore witness to it in use, it was one I was terribly afraid of people discovering, I am Yannicky-pooh and pooh bear can you believe that to the most serious and morose spirit on earth my father, my sister says 'nick', at least that one seemed cool, bin Laden's to my uncle Tommy, yan to my wife... Yah Neck when she upset, Piss power to Camara Brown who would discover that name I received in 7th grade... Trooper and troops to Dax, Poppy, Thura... No no no mi nuh sure mi ever meet Yannick Pessoa!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let your dreadlocks down!

Listen to 8. Monkey Nation (Requiem) by Lij-Tafari #np on #SoundCloud

Monday, April 11, 2016


Going on a 1038 mph evening run,
Like Wally West chasing the sun,
I nuh want sunset done...
A the only time I feel at one.

poem by Yannick Pessoa

Sunday, April 03, 2016


Hi, here is my horoscope: Mood: The planets point out some irregularities relationship-wise. Blame the Moon-Uranus sextile. You will lack self-control. Love: Planetary aspects point to a rather complicated love situation. You are not in a good state of mind. Your emotions take precedence over things that you don't like. You will not be able to manage two things at the same time. You will not talk about it right now. Be careful, staying quiet could be a mistake. Think! Work: Today is a good day overall! You pursue the goals that you set for yourself. Health: Your energy levels are low. You will make an effort to not make it noticeable. Others believe you are invincible.