Monday, November 13, 2006

Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown

"How you a move so bitter 'gainst the king?"
-popular Montegonian phrase or quote

"The biggest artiste a Jamaica a the con-artiste, and the biggest ship a the Gynal-ship"
-Proverb picked up at Junior X shop (Paradise crescent)

"Some gyal seh dem Virginal, but dem just Very-Gynal..."
- (Johnny Blaze)-My Dancehall/Reggae artiste alter ego

"Jingle jingle jangle bell christmas come an yuh soul gone a hell"
-some poet at Edna Manley Sch. of Arts etc... 2000-2001

"Haunted season, people a fight wid out reason, see weak fence, and a hop true man nah no backative or defence, and den a hype up wid badman pretence..."
- (Johnny Blaze)-My Dancehall/Reggae artiste alter ego

So here it is we're winding down to the end of 2006 a year I would calling fleeting at best... nothing monumental happened (thus far) time sailed by oh so swiftly... none-the-less it is a year of change... and so as I tread and trod in the muck we call life or existence... the prince of Paradise... bearing his cross, with a monkey on his back and an albatross around his neck...
Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown

Secret Places

I am most high,
In my own secret places,
Which I go to,
Escape the lives,

I live between the hollow hallowed lies,
And most unholy thighs,

And through these vacant eyes,
I see my god,
Unhuman inhuman desperate and mad,
Dying from a perplexingly infinite life,
Dying to feel
To be amongst man,
To be real,
To understand.

Copyright ©2006 (mmvi) Yannick Nesta Pessoa

My Stairway to heaven...

Meet Pixie Girl of the Rocktops... Paradise Acres circa 2006... hahahaha

Don't mind me too much these are just random pix from my life...


And now Mr. Dylan, I know what you mean when you say, Mama take this badge offa me, Put my guns into the ground, 'Cause I'm knocking on heaven's door. I've reached my juvenile end, That point at which dreams die, And reality sets in, Where fantasy vanishes, And rigors of routine set in. I've flirted with success, Only to never be best, Condemned to rot, With my first glimpses... Of the vaguely dissatisfying nature of life.

Yannick Nesta Pessoa

Copyright ©2006(mmvi) Yannick Nesta Pessoa

Young virginal looking (note I said looking) likkle missy from off-a-di rocktop

Sunset out by Lagoons...

End of today's tale