Thursday, June 30, 2005

Trinidadian granny sits on bandit

Trinidadian granny sits on bandit - Grandson saved by 200-pounder
published: Thursday | June 30, 2005

A 73-YEAR-OLD great-grandmother in Trinidad single-handedly tackled a masked gunman who had just shot one of her grandsons, and held him until police arrived. They found the gunman crying with the woman sitting on him.

The drama began when Elise Joseph awoke just after midnight on Monday to the sounds of smashing glass and found her grandson being beaten. It was enough to make her spring into action. Joseph jumped the man, clawing, fighting, grabbing away the gun, tripping and then sitting on him. The man bit her on both arms, but was unable to get her to release him. And despite his tears and plea to be allowed to go home, Joseph, who weighs around 200 pounds, refused to budge. Each time he tried to get up she choked him. Half an hour later, the police came to find Joseph still sitting on the man in the yard of her home at Vessigny Village, La Brea.

Joseph related what happened yesterday, saying she slept through the sound of the bullets but awoke when she heard the smashing of glass. "When I opened the back door, I saw my grandson and somebody scrambling and fighting. I wasn't worried about nothing. I run down and hold on to the gun butt. The fella hold on to it too. I never hold a gun but I point it up in the air, just like what I see in the movies. I was trying to get it away. So we was pulling and tugging and falling. I take the gun from him. She said she kept a hold on the man and saw her wounded grandson fall.

Whappen to TRINI ppl and this BC word bandit man... sound like some cartoon character to RC...

Read the rest at: THE JAMAICA GLEANER

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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M"HO"BAY... "HO"TELS... who woulda guessed it

The pleasure zone
BY MARK CUMMINGS Observer Western Bureau reporter
Sunday, June 26, 2005

MONTEGO BAY, St James - It's called the pleasure zone. That's the area along Long and North lanes in Montego Bay, close to the historic Sam Sharpe Square, where young girls offer their bodies for sale. Most of them are teenagers; none of them older than 27.

Young girls like these sell their bodies on the streets, in massage parlours and go-go clubs across the island.

"Dis a wi flex corner where we meet men and offer dem some good loving, as long as dem have di money," said one 18 year-old, as she sipped from a bottle of beer and puffed on a cigarette outside a popular bar.

She became a prostitute at age 15, and is now a seasoned professional.
It's easy to believe that she has a lot of clients - she's easy on the eyes with a gorgeous smile, sparkling eyes full of promise and a great figure.

The 18 year-old, like many of the other girls who have made the area along the lanes their 'business place', spends much of her time aggressively trying to lure clients. But she doesn't come cheap.

"I don't work for less than five grands ($5,000)," she stressed, pointing out that the sum includes oral as well as penetrative sex.

Read the rest at: OBSERVER


Body found at UWI
published: Sunday | June 26, 2005

A badly-decomposed male body was discovered by police at the University of the West Indies yesterday afternoon.

The police report that it was residents in the area who reported a foul smell coming from the vicinity of the institution and upon investigation, the body was found behind Preston Hall on the campus of the university. Police described the body as 95 per cent decomposed and bound with duct tape around the neck. Preliminary investigations do not indicate that the body is likely to be that of a student. The police say they have no record of a missing person from the university. An immediate burial of the body was ordered.

read actual article at the GLEANER

hmmm look like Preston a morgue or burial ground... I remember when they found a body there i my first year half a decade ago in 2000.

What is happening on planet Earth

My gosh... I was looking up some cats that they eat in China an look at what I came across. My my what is the world coming to...

(M "HO" BAY):: T "HO" URIST capital...

Well the oldest profession, wid some fat old professionals in the islands second oldest city...

Selling sex is easy money

Mark Cummings
Sunday, June 26, 2005

Last month, when a 23 year-old prostitute fleeced an American tourist of US$3,500 (J$213,500) while they had sex at Harvey Beach, just off a busy main road along Montego Bay's tourist corridor, it was her biggest payday during her 18 month-stint as a 'lady of the night'. As a matter of fact, it was the most money she had ever made in one night in her entire life.

"That night, mi feel good and mi buy mi friends dem nuff juice," said the pencil-thin woman, a big grin on her face.
She works along the Rose Hall main road, and her favourite spot is near a playing field in upscale Ironshore, where she lives in a villa that she shares with her sister and brother-in-law.

One of the older women who sells sex on the streets of Montego Bay.

She isn't too picky about her clientele. "As long as dem have dem money, mi deal with dem, mi nuh really care whether dem black or white," she explained.

She earns enough not to have to resort to stealing from her clients, she stressed, saying she had stolen the US$3,500 simply because the opportunity presented itself.

Read it the rest at the Jamaica Observer


In a study on child prostitution in Jamaica, published by the International Labour Office in 2000, it was estimated that more than 100 girls were working as go-go dancers in clubs in Montego Bay. Fresh data is now being collected by PACT.
The ILO report had warned of an islandwide problem of children engaged in prostitution.

"In Montego Bay, 20 girls and 10 boys between 10 and 18 years from several inner-city communities were identified as being involved in sexual activity for gain on a large scale," said the report prepared by Leith Dunn and her team.

"They are organised in groups, an adult is usually in charge of the younger ones but they work independently of each other."
These young sex workers, the report said, could be seen along the Gloucester Avenue Hip Strip and the beach, popular tourist spots.

Dunn and her team also cited examples of groups of young girls, between 13 and 18, working in the tough inner-city community of Canterbury; and boys between 10 and 16 who had sex with men at the UDC-owned Dump Up Beach.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Who say Yannick nuh great!!!

Greatings beautiful people... hahahahahahaa... Today I typed in an arbitrary search for my name Yannick Pessoa and this below was one of the results that came up... I'm quoted in a dictionary... My GOD!!! who thought this would have happened...

To Amanda Lynch-Foster (Barbadian Journalist Extraodinaire) who said an I quote...

Professional Pseudo Dread and Browning-Lova. :o) I always thought of Yannick as my big brother- til mi realise he did want to make it an incestuous r/ship. "mi did ah LUST afta yu batty!" - oh, i shall remember that line! Ok, so it's not about me (for once) it's about Yannick. He is a hell of a raconteur (gwan look it up!) In other words- him can chat! So many memories of UWI just liming listening to Yannick chat de must fascinating set of shit. Particular memory- one night Yannick scare me and Leslie SHITLESS..."

check the link see for yourself:


kangaroo n. “Kangaroo"—MoBay slang for splurt, cut out etc. —“Verbatim: Issue #2—The Montego Bay Edition” by Yannick Nesta Pessoa Yannick’s Misadventures, Travels, Journeys in Jamaica & on Asylum Earth (Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica) Mar. 4, 2005. Categories: English. Jamaica. The term "kangaroo" has not been defined in a full entry.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We a get a fight

iTunes exec wants nothing to do with J'can musicians

Written by
June 08, 2005

Britain's popular black newspaper, The Voice, recently broke news about a manager at Apple's iTunes online music retail shop who admitted that he wants nothing to do with Jamaican musicians.

His response to an email from dancehall deejay Buju Banton's public relations team was blunt and to the point as he stated "Please remove me from any list having to do with this artist or any Jamaican artist actually."

Many in Jamaica's music industry are naturally angered by this statement, as it comes from an individual who should be unbiased and objective given the position he holds.

Email forwards about this incident are making their way all over the Web, so there may be more to come yet.

Check The Voice online at

Thursday, June 02, 2005


MTV to launch Caribbean music network
CARIBBEAN MUSIC MAY be about to get another big break on the international scene, as Tempo, a new cable television network dedicated to Caribbean music and culture, will be launched by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc.
taken from THE STAR(Jamaica Local Tabloid)

Here ladies and gentlemen is another example of Caribbean insecurity, the Caribbean rejoices while another multinational whores us out. We need North American initiatives for us to believe or pursuits are warranted and relevant. I was quite fine with REtv, HypeTV, Music+, but noooooo we had to add this, I long for the day when a Caribbean initiative makes it on its own, why couldn't we "boots up"(boost) our own local stations instead of now possibly casting them into oblivion. My prayers to all local Tv I hope they can stave off the foreigners...