Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Empress Trap

Ruminations on the Black Woman

Black women shouldn't need to aspire to royalty to expect respectable "mannersable" treatment from Black men. If you hail her as “empress” in comparison to another woman who doesn't meet your standards, you still trapped in the mold Jah-man and essentially you are "stylez-ing" and disrepecting both women. You are setting up the "empress" trap; where you put her (the Empress) on a pedestal so you can have her as some archetype, statute and "Figuree" to bludgeon on the unholy and the "skettelish" with, an object used as a measure and yardstick with which to shame women you dislike.

More often than not nowadays, my Black brothers employ this “empress” notion sometimes as I perceive it a sham, oftentimes I wonder if the Black men, ball headed, conscious or Rasta, have the empress chat as pick up game, a lot of them... even friends that I hangout with, that are supposed to be "conscious" enough to tame some of the lust inna the atmosphere. Many of my Black Sistren in “conscious” circles I observe as many of my Black brothers greet with, “Ises" "Empress" "Queen,” and there intent is to prey upon a conscious niche "pumpum" market and it just isn't right. To me it would seem as though most brethren in the conscious community are caught up in the same old patriarchal colonially inherited Victorian regime and end up being just as chauvinistic, masochistic, sadistic, sexist, just as abusive, just as predatory as the evil Babylonian slave master, the archaic European or the regular "unconscious" Black man.

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